Interaction /UX design

Define information architecture for digital products, determining screens and pages. See you new products come to life quickly through sketches and realistic screen mockups, whilst I define UI components, considering clear copy and usability to craft the best possible experience. This is a fast-paced, flexible activity typically done in collaboration with project teams.

  • Delivers high quality sketches and whiteboard drawings

  • Delivers IA proposals and user journeys

  • Delivers realistic screen ‘wireframe’ mockups


Visual /UI design

Define an exciting new visual direction for your product’s user interface, or work from existing brand and style guides to extend and enhance a look and feel. I consider usability and accessibility in visual choices, and deliver stunning designs as static screen mockups or interactive prototypes.

  • Delivers high fidelity screen mockups

  • Delivers new style guidelines where required

  • Custom icons and infographics available

Illustration & story-boarding

Leaning on my experience as a professional illustrator, I bring new concepts to life quickly and make them easily understood with dynamic and engaging sketches. This can even be done in real-time in a workshop session. For service designs, storyboards are an ideal way to communicate your vision in a human-centric way.

  • Fast and dynamic paper sketches available in real-time

  • Engaging digital illustrations using iPad /Wacom tablet

  • Storyboards available which can also be optionally animated

Data visualisation

Sometimes, to really communicate clearly you need the right visualisation, particularly when dealing with large amounts of data. Graphics can make complex data easier to digest and interpret for even the most experienced user.

I create bespoke data visualisations and infographics, leaning on my background in graphic design and experience in the scientific and financial sectors to do so with style, sophistication and rigour.

User story mapping /scoping

User story mapping is a clear and effective way to define scope and priority of your design, with a large post-it note wall map that everyone can understand. It is built together by the core project team in a workshop session. The map is then digitised and co-owned by designers and developers as the project progresses.

  • Includes workshop facilitation

  • Scope products and prioritise features

  • Plan MVP and first releases

  • Delivers digital user story map via Realtimeboard.

Co-creation workshops

Co-creation workshops are an engaging, high energy method for involving larger teams in innovation and idea generation. I run half day sessions for groups which teach them a robust creative method and get them from problem statement to elevator pitch and storyboard in around 4 hours.

  • Learn Design Thinking methods

  • Suitable for anywhere from 3-50 people

  • No creative experience required

  • Includes workshop planning and facilitation

  • Delivers report incl. method and capture of all ideas

Service design

Define customer journeys through a new service, and ensure a coherent experience through several channels and customer interactions, all made clear using a service blueprint. I then bring service experiences to life through storyboards /animated videos, and prototype digital touchpoints in detail.

  • Delivers multi-channel service blueprint

  • Delivers storyboards or animated videos

  • Delivers prototypes for any digital touchpoints

Interactive prototyping

Interactive design prototypes allow the team to communicate design intent clearly, and always aid communication between design and development, reducing risk and helping minimise mistakes. Additionally, they are ideal for use in demos or usability testing, helping you quickly gather feedback on proposed features before committing anything to code.

  • Delivers browser-based, online interactive prototypes

  • Built with either Invision, Axure or Figma software

  • Possible on desktop, tablet or mobile. Responsive prototypes also possible.

Qualitative user research

It’s vital to understand your customers’ needs before you determine product scope and offering. Qualitative research such as user interviews help you understand motivations, goals and frustrations, and provides valuable insights that will be used throughout design. I have worked as a professional researcher in the USA, UK and India.

  • Sessions typically 5-10 customers, 60-90 mins each

  • Interviews available face to face or remote

  • Group sessions face to face

  • Observational studies face to face

  • Includes screeners and interview scripts

  • Delivers report incl. key findings and recommendations

Usability testing

Usability testing is a quick and efficient way to test your design prior to release with real customers, assessing their reactions and uncovering usability issues. Face to face testing is usually preferable, however video calls and screen shares, or even online only testing, offer cost-effective alternative methods.

  • Sessions typically 60-90 mins per person

  • Includes prototyping and interview scripting

  • Available as remote or face to face sessions

  • Delivers report incl. key findings and recommendations


With qualitative research completed, I can help your team create user personas which are concise and useful guides for design and development. Personas summarise key research findings into reference sheets which help your team keep real people in mind. These are useful for prioritising features, determining design details and conducting usability testing later.

  • Projects typically require 1-3 primary personas

  • Includes persona creation workshop and delivery

User experience review

A complete appraisal and health-check of any existing digital products, typically done prior to starting a redesign. Appraise analytics data, audit in terms of usability, communication and other performance factors, including your positioning in the market versus your competitors. You get immediate recommendations for design enhancement.

  • Typically takes 2-4 days

  • Includes best practice for usability and accessibility

  • Delivers report incl. prioritised design recommendations

Lean Design for Agile development

To work smoothly with Agile development methods, designers need to sit and work alongside using Lean methodologies, rather than simply handover a design. I have years of experience using Scrum, Kanban and iterative Agile practices to optimise designs for delivery and overcome technical hurdles by working alongside development teams.

  • Work in parallel to development sprints

  • Iterative design optimisation saves time and money

  • Delivers component library and design /style guidelines

  • Includes design quality checks prior to release

  • Scrum Master experience