Elegant digital tools for professionals

I specialise in quickly comprehending the work of professionals, and the often complex systems they rely upon, in sectors as varied as healthcare, finance, energy and science. I design bespoke interfaces, regularly working with data dashboards, custom graphic visualisations, regulatory considerations, and devices ranging from VR headsets to multi-screen workstations.


Confidence and craftsmanship

Every detail that goes into my designs has a rationale, based on real human and business insight. My training as a product designer, work as a professional sketch artist, and experience training people in creative methodology give me a creative confidence and attention to detail that means exceptional quality work, every time.

Insights from real people

Successful, profitable designs require that you start with a solid understanding of your customers, for which you need qualitative research talking to real people. Regular contact with customers throughout reduces risk and makes those breakthrough ideas more likely. At Corrall Design I always begin with people, and use insights gathered to drive design decisions.


Agile collaboration

Recognising that design is collaborative, I fit quickly into your team, communicating confidently with varied team members and stakeholders. I have years of experience working closely with Agile development teams. I inspire and mentor my team-mates, building everyone’s confidence in using design no matter their background.

Organised and evidence-led

My work follows a flexible, structured process, refined over years of practical experience. My history as a Design Director means I can always provide realistic time and budget estimates and keep you updated on progress. Whatever your project, I can recommend the services that will deliver.

Plain English, not jargon

I make design clear, understandable and inclusive so you and your team can have complete confidence. I always speak plainly and clearly, avoiding jargon and showing you examples of deliverables so you understand what you’re getting.